Beavis and Butthead Arcade Game

# 3 of a canceled Beavis and Buthead Arcade game prototype. Powered on a proprietary version of the 3DO console, Beavis and Butthead was a beat-em-up developed by Atari in 1996 but never finished. I was, actually on the team at the Atari Games Coin-op division during production and helped develop the backgrounds for the game. I acquired it directly from Atari just after it was cancelled -and have owned it since.

The game is almost complete -except for the game disk — and includes the board, monitor, and controls. The board needs some minor wire repair- and the left side artwork has some sun fading- but the cabinet and board are generally in decent condition to be refurbished.

I will attempt to log the restoration and final working version here.

Early development information from Atari:

Galloping Ghost arcade in the Chicago area has prototype #9- These videos show some of the gameplay walkthrough: